8 Benefits of Living in San Francisco

8 Benefits of Living in San Francisco
The population of San Francisco is 894,584 and it is one of the largest cities in California. This is not too surprising since there are many good reasons to live in this city. But what are the benefits of living in San Francisco?
How is it better than any other city? What kind of things can you do there? Keep reading and learn more about this beautiful and unique city below.

1. Many Job Opportunities

San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live, but it also has some of the highest job incomes. Most people in this city make more than $120,000 every year. Much of this will go towards the cost of housing, but you should still have plenty of money left to enjoy the city.
You can also enjoy many jobs once you live in San Francisco. The technology sector is especially large and still growing. This is ideal if you have a background in technology, software, or anything similar.
Moving to California is a big challenge, but having a good job can make the process smoother. When you browse all the jobs in San Francisco, you’ll have a long list to choose from. This should make it easy to start working once you move to the city.

2. Cool, Coastal Weather

Moving to San Francisco won’t give you the same hot, sunny weather as Los Angeles or San Diego. But the weather is still very nice. It is often in the 60s which is perfect for those who don’t like excessive heat or cold.
There is almost always a cool, moist breeze coming off the ocean. This keeps the air nice and fresh. While there may be some cloudy days here and there, San Francisco still sees plenty of sunlight.
It is also known for having very atmospheric fog. This fog makes the natural landscape look more breathtaking than usual. It is also a great sight when it shrouds the Golden Gate Bridge.
The temperature also remains very similar throughout the year. It rarely gets too hot or too cold. The only downside is that the fog sometimes gets too thick.
This can make it hard to drive if it is severe, but this doesn’t happen often.

3. Amazing Restaurants

If you’re a passionate foodie, you’ll feel right at home in San Francisco. This city is home to some of the most amazing restaurants in California (and in the whole country). Taking one look at Yelp will show you that this city is filled with hundreds of restaurants of every type.
There are plenty of vegan and natural restaurants as well as BBQ joints and bars. Some breweries serve artisan beer and wine along with niche cafes. Don’t forget about all the great Asian fusion restaurants or Mexican cuisine.
There is a restaurant for every taste preference in this city. Even if you are a picky eater, you are sure to find a few places that you love. It is also easy to try new food every week (or every day).

4. Culture and Art

If you love the theater, museums, and fine arts, San Francisco is the place for you. It is home to the San Francisco Opera and San Francisco Ballet. It also has the Palace of Fine Arts and the Museum of Modern Art.
These establishments have regular programs that you can go out and enjoy. The performers are expertly trained and only provide the most amazing performances. There are also plenty of plays and other forms of entertainment to enjoy.
The art museums always have new exhibits too. This ensures that there is always something different to see whenever you go to the museum.

5. Spend More Time Outdoors

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, you’ll have more opportunities to do so in San Francisco. This city is designed to make it easy to spend more time outside. There are plenty of parks and trails to enjoy.
Many sidewalks connect to restaurants, theaters, and more. Many people don’t bother to get into a car to get where they need to go. They’ll instead enjoy the fresh air as they walk or bike down the sidewalk.
There are also plenty of beaches that you can enjoy.

6. Lots of Public Transportation

Many people in San Francisco don’t own cars. This is because the public transportation network here is so well developed. You can take buses, MUNI, and other transportation to get where you need to go.
If a bus doesn’t go in the direction you need, you can walk. San Francisco is quite compact and it is easy to walk to most locations.

7. Many Different Neighborhoods

Each neighborhood in this city is unique. Some have Victorian homes while others have modern highrises. Others are full of niche restaurants and cafes while others are right next to parks or museums.
Get familiar with these neighborhoods before you move to the area.

8. A Young and Diverse Population

If you’re looking for diversity, look no further than San Francisco. This city has people from all walks of life. The median age in this city is 38.2.
This is younger than most other cities in the United States. This makes San Francisco one of the most energetic and fun cities to be.

All About Living in San Francisco

Living in San Francisco is a great way to turn your life around. It is full of amazing restaurants and entertainment venues. It is also great for the outdoor lifestyle and it is a very young city.
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