Ray Amouzandeh and his team of professionals at TARGA take pride in their ability to assist San Francisco landlords in finding the right tenants. Their goal is to provide outstanding customer service to each client, offering Tenant placement services and Leasing Solutions designed to maximize their property’s investment value, whether it’s an apartment, condominium, or multi-family investment property. 

At TARGA, being well-informed is the key to success as a landlord. If you’re planning on renting or leasing your property in San Francisco, here are a few helpful tips and things to remember:

Requiring renters insurance from tenants is something that many landlords typically overlook. In case significant damage to the property is caused by the tenant, you may need more than your landlord’s insurance to cover the cost of addressing the damage. Compensation, however, may be sought through the tenant’s liability coverage. Obtaining renters insurance will also protect tenants’ personal belongings through policies covering losses.

Addressing repairs promptly will help save your property from more damage, helping you minimize costs. For example, if you repair a minor leak immediately, you’re preventing the possible spread of mold, which saves other parts of your property. Repairs performed on time indicate that you take necessary steps to protect your property, which means the tenant should do so, too.

Remember to take photos and videos of your property before tenants move in and repeat the process once they move out so you can see the potential damage to the property. Keep track of repair costs, collect receipts, detailed job descriptions, and records of invoices.

You can use online resources like Home Advisor to find reliable licensed contractors, complete with reviews, ratings, and experience levels. Building your network of dependable contractors will be very useful down the line if you need repairs on your property, so you can maintain its good condition and keep your tenants satisfied.

They are strategically Renovating, which leads to increased rent and better tenants. For example, make sure your property has clean and durable flooring. In addition, increasing the rent is also one of the first things a tenant thinks about when looking at a property.

A real estate attorney can help to keep you updated on current zoning ordinances and more. In case you need to go through the eviction process, for example, San Francisco requires strict compliance with the law – you will need help from an attorney to ensure the demand notice includes the formal language and is served correctly.

As a landlord, rent serves as your income – property management fees, taxes, repair costs, and other expenses. If you treat your investment property as if you’re running a business, it’ll be easier for you to reach your goals as a landlord.

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