Creative Ways to Maximize Storage in a Small Apartment

Creative Ways to Maximize Storage in a Small Apartment
Storage is one of the biggest concerns when living in a small apartment. But more than a challenge, it’s an opportunity to discover your creativity and ingenuity.
When given a limited space to work with, you’ll surprise yourself with the clever ways you can come up with to keep the place organized. Here are a few ideas:

Hide your storage in plain sight

  • Ottomans are especially practical because they can be tucked away under a large table or a shelf when they are not needed.
    • You can also play around with your coffee tables and corner desks with storage space underneath.
    •  Adding a stylish table skirt can be a quick-fix solution for your storage needs while maintaining your home aesthetic.

Use curtains instead of doors for closets

    • Closets typically don’t require the same level of privacy as bedrooms or bathrooms, so consider their doors expendable. Try a curtain instead and gain the space an exit would need for swinging open.

Add cabinetry in the bathroom

    • Bathrooms usually accommodate just one person at a time. Why not maximize the extra floor space by adding a towel cabinet? You’ll free up space in your linen closet this way, so that’s double the advantage.

Use open shelves to define your living spaces

    • Bookshelves are a wise choice if you add dividers to define boundaries around a studio or open floor plan apartment. Go for open-styled shelves for a more aesthetically pleasing effect.

Hang up that bike

    • One of the best things about living in San Francisco is that it’s easy to bike around to your every destination. The catch: you’re often scratching your head about where to park it. Fortunately, wall-mounted bike racks are easy to find these days. Not only is this space-saving, but it also makes your bike a defining piece of personal décor in your pad.

Maximize vertical spaces

    • Using wire baskets and peg boards, walls and doors can become multi-purpose storage solutions wherever they are in your apartment. For the bedroom and bathroom, these can come in handy for hanging clothes and towels or a toiletry rack. In the kitchen, you can use the backs of the cupboard doors for storing condiment bottles or small cooking utensils.

Don’t let tiny nooks and corners go to waste

    • Notice a tiny space between the end of a cabinet and the edge of the doorway? Adding narrow shelves will be a practical and charming addition to what may otherwise be an ignored space. If it’s in the kitchen, use the shelves to display your cookbooks and showcase your culinary flair (or attempts to develop them, at least).

Install floor-to-ceiling mirrors on cabinet doors

  • This last one isn’t strictly a storage tip, but it’s a fun little hack you can try if your place feels cramped. If you have large cabinets or a foldaway bed, install a large mirror on the blank front. The mirror will visually expand the space and maximize the natural light that enters your apartment, making it feel roomier than it is.
We hope these Creative ways to maximize storage in a small apartment will help you get organized. 

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