What Does A Leasing Agent Do?

What Does A Leasing Agent Do?
You may wonder what leasing agent is, what they do, and how they differ from real estate agents.
Landlords usually hire a leasing agent to find and secure a lease for a rental unit that is vacant and available for rent. A leasing agent can be a licensed real estate agent or a broker or work under a licensed real estate broker. There are also Relocation Agents or Relocation Specialists hired by renters clients that are moving to the area.

Whether you are working with a relocation or a leasing agent, they should know the rental market to advise their clients and use their expertise to narrow down the current fair market rental value for a renal property.

A leasing agent job description includes the following:

  • Marketing the rental unit for lease on all related real estate leasing websites with quality photos and rental listing information.
  • Meet with prospective renters to tour the property for lease that meets their criteria.
  • Process the rental application, including credit checks, background checks, verification of income, and verify all references.
  • Prepare and execute leases agreement approved by local leasing laws and regulations.
  • Before occupancy, collect the move-in funds, such as security deposits and rent payments.
  • Follow up with landlords and tenants to ensure the move went as planned and the move-in/out inspection checklist (MIMO) is completed and returned to the landlord on time.
  • Whether you are a rental leasing agency, licensed real estate agent, or relocation agent, it is imperative to be able to thoroughly screen tenants to qualify and execute a lease agreement effectively to protect the landlord and tenants.

Leasing Agent Salary

According to the Glassdoor website, a leasing agent in San Francisco makes over $58,000, including base pay and commission. However, a leasing agent in San Francisco can generate a much higher income based on their skills, experience, and reputation. A productive leasing agent can generate well over $150,000 annually in San Francisco.
In conclusion, Leasing agents are most successful when collaborating with their clients.

A good leasing agent knows how to listen and adapt. They will take the time to understand their client’s needs.

A top leasing agent helps the client understand the leasing process and what is involved with leasing a property and negotiates a deal that works best for both the landlord and the tenant.
The role of a leasing agent is to assist their clients through every stage of finding and leasing property.
At TARGA Residential Brokerage, we aim to make the leasing process as seamless and hassle-free as possible for everyone involved. The team will be in charge of all the critical aspects of the leasing process, including valuation, marketing the property, tenant screening, preparing the lease agreement documentation, and coordinating move-ins.
We believe the success of any rental property depends on the quality of tenants – by providing only the best leasing services to landlords and property owners, we can connect them with only the most reliable and trustworthy tenants possible so that they can optimize their San Francisco real estate rental property.
100% Approved Tenants with good income and excellent credit histories.
If you have a rental unit available now or becoming available soon, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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