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What to Know About San Francisco Condos

What to Know About San Francisco Condos
San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the United States to buy a condo. Currently, if you look at the price-to-rent ratio, it’s more lucrative to rent or lease a condo than to buy one.
If you are a leasing agent looking for tenants, this should make your job easier.
There’s just one more thing for you to research. How does living in a condominium in San Francisco compare to living somewhere else or living in a house?
Keep reading to learn more about what it’s like to live in San Francisco condos.

San Francisco Condos Come With Decent Amenities

You will want to shop around a bit when searching for a condo in San Francisco since there are so many options available. And each condo will come with its own set of amenities and faults.
It depends entirely on what you are searching for. If you can’t do without a pool and a gym in your condo, then you will want to search for that. Don’t want to pay extra condo fees because of amenities, then search for one without any.

There’s a Neighborhood for Everyone

The great thing about San Francisco is that there is so much diversity and so many diverse neighborhoods to pick from. Do you want to live in Little Italy or Little India? Do you want to be near Greek food or Arabic cuisine?
Whatever your desire, you can fulfill it by picking the neighborhood that appeals the most to you. Just don’t get paralyzed by choice.

Get Great Views of This Beautiful City From Your Condo

San Francisco is a gorgeous city – anyone who comes for a visit or lives here agrees with that statement. There are so many charming colorful homes, stunning architecture, lively streets, artsy markets, and hills that go on forever.
Also, the salty sea air and Karl the Fog will make you feel like you are starring in a movie. If you live in a condo, you can pick one with a great view of the city.
You could probably spend hours on your balcony watching the city go past you. An easy, reasonable way to entertain yourself and anyone who visits you.

Always Be Close to Efficient Public Transportation

San Francisco condos are mostly located in the metropolitan core, which means that you will always be in the thick of things. But also that you will never be far away from public transportation.
If you don’t like the idea of spending your youth (or old age) sitting in traffic (San Francisco has terrible traffic), then using public transportation is a great way to undo all that damage. Pick a condo that’s close to your work or close enough to commute to and make work-life balance an easier task.

Hundreds of Dining and Takeaway Options Minutes Away

Why would you ever use the cute little kitchen in your condo if you can take advantage of all the brilliant dining options in the city? Not only are there hundreds of restaurants to pick from, but there are also so many farmer’s markets and art markets with food stalls. And also there are food trucks galore.
You could eat out at a different spot every single day and still not run out of options. Also, it’s cheap enough to order Uber Eats or some other food delivery option, if you are truly too busy to walk downstairs and pick up the meal yourself.

Lots to Do Every Single Day

There’s also just a lot more to do in San Francisco besides eating and walking, like:
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Art markets
  • Music festivals (big and small)
  • Concerts (free and paid)
  • Free movies in the park
  • Food festivals
Keep in mind that San Francisco is a city filled with millennials, also dubbed the best city for millennials. The median age in SF is 38.2. You will have lots of opportunities to make friends in this city.
Even though it’s expensive to live in San Francisco, many people move to SF because it’s a great city to be an entrepreneur in. You also get to network with some of the greatest tech and creative minds out there.

Close to Nature and Napa Valley

Yes, San Francisco is a city, but somehow due to the profusion of greenery and all the parks, it doesn’t feel like a concrete jungle. Also, if you ever feel like you have had enough of San Francisco and wish to partake in a nature hike, you won’t have to drive far to get there.
You can go to Land End’s trail for a morning hike or Marin Headlands for a sunset one and see the Golden Gate Bridge in all its glory.
Visit Golden Gate Park, which is bigger than New York City’s Central Park. And if you drive for 2 hours, you will hit Carmel-by-the-Sea, which is as charming as Italy’s Cinque Terre.
If you are a wine connoisseur, then know that Napa Valley is only an hour and a half by car from San Francisco. You will have access to 400 wineries and world-class restaurants (try French Laundry). If that doesn’t entice, nothing will!

Rent in San Francisco and Live Your Best Life

Life is short, so you need to take advantage of each moment as much as possible. There’s no need to live in a boring city and spend your time lamenting about how you have nothing to do.
Living in an awesome condo in San Francisco is the best way to enjoy this city. Until the real estate market cools down a bit, it’s better to lease San Francisco condos.
Contact us if you are a landlord interested in hiring a leasing agent or broker to help you find tenants.

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