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Ray Amouzandeh

Real Estate Broker

Olivier M.
Kumand N.
Gearoid C.
Yelena T.
Amey M.
Tyler W.
Niko S.
Leo A.
Jee H.
Anton W.
Jennifer L.
Pierre T.
Ryan D.
Carolyn G.
Matt R.
Kelly D.
Inés M.
What My Clients Say
My wife and I moved from Paris to San Francisco and I can say that finding a suitable place within budget in S.F was the hardest thing we had to handle during the overall move. We got lucky to meet Ray. Ray is a real professional: He is very knowledgable, utterly patient (we had plenty of questions being from another country), responsive, honest and kind. He went back and forth between us and the propert...

— Olivier M.

What My Clients Say
I am super satisfied with Ray and his services. Since the beginning of our working together he demosntrated calmness, assertiveness, knowledge, interest, attentive listening skills, suggested interested insights, recommended a few changes, and without any pressure he executed and delivered a fine job. He was available and immediate answered my texts and emails. He came to photograph my rental unit, made ...

— Seller

What My Clients Say
Ray has been an exceptional agent for tenant search for the 3 times that I've requested his assistance. His skills, knowledge and professionalism is amazing! His quick responses and handling of rental documents surpasses my lack of understanding and handling of necessary documents that would save me a lot of time and headaches as a landlord. He understand my needs and would find me great tenants who meet...

— Kumand N.

What My Clients Say
I engaged Ray Amouzandeh of TARGA Residential Brokerage to help me lease my condo in San Francisco. From the first communication we had, he was very responsive. His knowledge of the market, his assessment of my unit and his diligence in marketing it were excellent. I felt the advice he gave me along the way was also very helpful and on point. I would definitely go back to him in the future and highly rec...

— L M

What My Clients Say
We had a great experience dealing with Ray. He helped us find a perfect 2 bedroom apartment that suited our needs and for a very competitive price. He is knowledgeable of the market/areas and was quick to respond with any questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the same position as us looking for their future home.

— Gearoid C.

What My Clients Say
Ray Amouzandeh was professional, reliable and wonderful to work with. He worked with us in finding tenants for our apartment. He suggested the right price point for the rent and worked quickly in getting online exposure for our place. We full-heartedly recommend him! Thank you Ray!

— Yelena T.

What My Clients Say
Ray was responsive, calm, and clear when I worked with him to rent an apartment from a landlord. He was very flexible in scheduling show times for myself and my roommate, both over text and email as we saw the place and worked on the lease. Ray gets two thumbs up from us!

— Amey M.

What My Clients Say
Ray was an absolute pleasure to work with! Friendly, responsive, and honest. He connected me with my current landlord and ensured that we all met under good terms and were happy with each other, and the property. An all around kind and professional agent!

— Tyler W.

What My Clients Say
As with any large purchases, including with real estate. You'd want to look for someone who works well with people. Working with Ray I got exactly that. We found everything I was looking for in an apartment in a time efficient manner. Highly recommended!

— Niko S.

What My Clients Say
I had a great experience working with Ray. He is very friendly and professional. He was able to help me with the rental process. Things went very smooth. It was easy to get a hold of Ray when I had questions and his response time was quick. Thanks Ray.

— Leo A.

What My Clients Say
Ray was extremely helpful during our process of renting a home of one of his clients. The process was very smooth and without any surprises due to Ray’s responsiveness and professionalism. We were glad to have worked with him and recommend him highly!

— Jee H.

What My Clients Say
Ray was the listing agent for an apartment that I rented. He was a clear communicator and very easy to work with. He answered all of my questions and moved things along quickly. I’m very happy with the experience and my new apartment!

— Anton W.

What My Clients Say
Ray was very helpful from the minute I met him. He was extremely responsive, organized and knowledgable. He said he could rent out our place within one month but was able to do it all within one week. I would highly recommend Ray!

— Jennifer L.

What My Clients Say
Ray is super reliable and easy to work and communicate with. He replied emails in a timely manner and provided constructive solutions. We quickly made a deal soon after we communicated through text messages and emails.

— Buyer

What My Clients Say
Ray was very quick and professional. Always available to answer questions and we managed to secure a rental in a matter of 3 days and it was around New Year’s Eve! I highly recommend Ray and his business.

— Pierre T.

What My Clients Say
Great overall experience with Ray. He was always up front and appreciates both his clients and renters priorities. I first met him at my now-apartment for a house showing and signed shortly thereafter.

— Ryan D.

What My Clients Say
Ray was very helpful from beginning to end renting our new apartment. He is responsive, efficient, and able to answer all questions and concerns.

— Carolyn G.

What My Clients Say
Ray was great! He was kind and responsive, and he answered all of my questions. A true professional. Highly recommend working with him.

— Matt R.

What My Clients Say
Ray was great to work with, we found an awesome apartment and he was very helpful throughout the whole process. Thanks Ray!

— Kelly D.

What My Clients Say
Super happy with Ray services! He was kind, efficient, and extremely helpful. 100% recommended!

— Inés M.

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